Buy A Business 
Tool Kit

How to 
Buy a Business like a Pro

No one will ever guess that you had never bought a business before


Based on experience and insight gained participating
in the negotiations and purchase of more than 2,000 businesses!

"Read on and you will agree there is nothing like this system to be found anywhere at any price"

If you have been trying to buy a business for some time you will fully appreciate the value of this unique Book and Software Combination.  You know from your experiences so far that buying a business, the right business, is not easy.  In fact you probably will agree that buying a business is one of the more difficult tasks you have undertaken.  That is why we produced Business Acquisition Software that could be used by  non-financial entrepreneurs and financial professionals alike.

Business Pricing, Transaction Structuring,
Fairness Testing

EZbizPRICER 2.0  

The Software calculates a range of Price and Down Payments and Transaction Structures that insures:

  1. You start with a living wage commensurate with your down payment and

  2. The existing cash flow of the business will carry your acquisition debt service plus

  3. You will receive a fair return on your investment  

Structure a deal like a pro.  Chances are no one will believe you have not bought businesses before.    Deal Master 4.0  helps you analyze counter offers for fairness and "get back to the table" with a proposal you can defend quickly and confidently - a deal that's fair and affordable.

Simply answer a few questions and enter some data and the software calculates a Fair Price and Terms for the business - You can perform countless "What if" scenarios and calculate scores of possible transaction structures quickly and easily to determine a Fair Price 

In addition, using the software you can perform a Fairness Test and Justification of Purchase Price Calculations - Make sure the business can afford the price, and that your Rate of Return is commensurate with the risk involved - this is a double check on whether or not the price is fair.

"Your accountant would have to charge you many times
the cost of this package for the business valuation alone"


The Tool Kit software consists of  several interactive components that cover the entire acquisition process from start to finish. Applying the "Insider Information" this package provides can save  you thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees plus save you hundreds of hours reviewing inappropriate businesses or companies that were not right for you. 

The Software is designed to simplify and make safe the "need not be complex" process of buying a business.  


Due Diligence and Business Analysis

Part One

"MBA on Disk 5.0"
Simply enter one to five years of financial data from accounting statements or tax returns, answer a few questions regarding the business, make a few decisions - press a key and PRESTO!  The program has calculated:

  • The Real Profits of any business (special section for use with Cash Businesses)! Deal Master 4.0 has a unique ability to show you the real profits of any business - even Cash Businesses

  • Determine the real profits of any business, especially cash businesses, using audit techniques employed by the IRS and savvy business buyers

  • Pro-forma projections of profitability under your management - Easy and straightforward calculation that employ the scores of  historic operating ratios generated by the program.

  • Cash Flows and working capital requirements - Make sure you will have adequate reserves and money to grow your new business

  • Comprehensive Ratio Analysis with explanations - Scores of ratios are calculated by Deal Master 4.0 along with an explanation of what each ratio means, why it is important and how it is calculated

  • Deal Master 4.0 will generate Comparative Income Statements and Balance Sheets 

  • Risk Analysis Reviewer ~ Checks out factors other than "the numbers"

  • Graphs to visually view key factors


SBA  Loan Proposal Generator

Part 2

"Loan Proposal Generator"

The Loan Proposal Generator portion of 
the Buy a Business Tool Kit  is unique in that it automatically creates a Loan Proposal based upon actual Lender's lending criteria and presents the data in the format the Lender's like to see making it easy for a lender to say yes to your loan request.  

Special Bonus ~ The Buy a Business Tool Kit will facilitate your contact  with the most competitive lenders willing to "do your deal" at the best available rate. Run a possible transaction by the lenders before you make an offer to determine: 

  • What the lenders will consider a Fair Price

  • What down payment will be required of you 

  • How much bank financing is available and at what rate 

  • The Amount of seller financing that may be required

You can structure your offer with confidence and present yourself as a savvy business person to the seller and the seller's advisors.  Sample Loan Package included for reference.

"Present yourself as a professional"




Who should buy this information package:

  • Individuals purchasing a business

  • Accountants and CPAs

  • Attorneys

  • Corporate development officers

  • Financial planners

  • Business advisors

The Buy a Business Tool Kit program is in Microsoft Excel workbook format.  You need not know Excel to use the program.  The forms, checklists etc are in Microsoft Word doc file format and as such can readily be imported into most any word processing program.  No need to learn a new software program to start using the Buy a Business Tool Kit right away.  Yes, an operating manual is included (in addition to the Book) but, because the program is so intuitive, you probably will not use it.

Please ship me my copy of:   "Deal Master 4.0" Buy a Business combination   

The Book

"The Complete Guide to Buying Your Ideal Business and Paying a Fair Price" - Step by step instruction on How to:  Find, Investigate, Finance, and Buy Your Ideal Business including  Buying a Business That's Not For Sale



The Software:

EZbizPRICER 2.0 - Business Pricing and Transaction Structuring Software for both Financial and non Financial Executives alike a $195 Value


BONUS Software 

Buy a Business - Tool Kit CD ROM Which Includes:

*  MBA on a Disk  -- Business Analyzer and Financial Audit Software

*  SBA Loan Proposal Generator  

*  Document Pack - CD and Binder containing a complete set of all forms, contracts etc. needed to complete a transaction on your own if you prefer




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