Once you have made the difficult decision to sell

Who is Most Qualified to Sell Your Business ?

All brokers and brokerage firms are not alike.  Not all operate in the same "buyer pool" and levels of expertise and experience will vary extensively.  Our experience tells us that determining who is best qualified to represent you is only guess until the preliminary work has been completed i.e.; price and terms have been set, ideal buyer candidate qualifications and other criteria have been established.  BuySellBiz's network of Brokers and Intermediaries are the top in their areas of expertise.  We will introduce you to the firm(s) best qualified to represent your size and type business and together we will begin the selling process.  

Our team of Brokers and Intermediaries have a success rate four times that of the business brokerage community.   You might ask: "Why is your network so much more successful?"  The answer is simple, Preparation.  You are most likely familiar with the 6 Ps -- Proper Preparation Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance -- well, therein lies the "secret" to our extraordinary level of success.  

In example, before the marketing effort is begun we have: 

  • Determined your optimum price and terms

  • Identified the characteristics of your ideal buyer

  • Positioned your business so that your acquirer will recognize the exciting opportunity your company represents

  • Have marketing materials written in the "voice" of your target acquirer

  • Compiled and prepared all necessary "Due Diligence" materials

  • Identified the transaction structure that minimizes taxation

  • Arranged for buyer's acquisition financing

We begin knowing exactly in which pool of buyers we will find yours.  We know how the different type of buyers think, what turns them on or off and how much they are likely to pay.  We also know not to put a price on your business!  The first one to mention price usually looses and we are out to win!  As a result, businesses we represent typically sell at or above the targeted price.  

Equally important are the facts revealed when we surveyed those who had purchased businesses through us over three years ago.  

  • All were still in business

  • All but one had increased revenues (that one expended his energies on a divorce instead)

  • Seventy five percent had more that doubled the business

Not only had we sold the businesses at optimum prices but the business, and therefore the employees, vendors and customers, had benefited also giving credence to the old adage - "Only the right buyer will pay the right price."  And, we might add, only the right buyer will be able to take the business to its next level.  

Employing our disciplined approach produces Win, Win, Win results i.e.: 

  • The business owner obtains an optimum price, 

  • The business buyer obtains an exciting opportunity, 

  • The employees, vendors and customers continue to enjoy benefits from the business

Our Specialty is helping you:
Maximize the Value of your Business,

then, when the time is right,
Sell it Quickly and Quietly for the Most Money.