Table of Contents





Succession Expectations vs. Reality

Why selling a business is unique

Timely decision to sell

Develop your strategy

What you need to know about buyers

What the different buyers will pay and why

How to identify your ideal buyer
Develop a profile of your new president

Value preservation and wealth building exit strategies
Buyer profile and value

Value preservation and wealth building exit strategies

Employ Public Company Strategies to Build Business Value and Create Wealth
What a business might be worth as it grows and matures
Acquisition protocols 

Wealth building tips

Factors threatening your business wealth

Sell in a down economy?

Understanding private company financial statement and tax returns

More Factors That Impact One’s Perception of Risk
What to do after you decide to sell

Dealing with a Financial Buyer
Why conventional selling methods don’t work

The safe and effective method of selling a business

Selling a Main Street business to a Sophisticated Buyer

Sell your business yourself

Business valuation example

Industry buyer methods

Valuation Methods being used by today’s buyers Valuation example
Industry Buyer Valuation Methods

Financial Buyer methods

Sophisticated Buyer methods

Strategic Buyer methods

Fair Market Value or Fair Cash Value? – What’s the difference?

Financing and value attainment

Transaction structuring and value attainment

Ratio analysis and value

Ratio analysis and comparison with your industry

Buyer Identification and Valuation Maximizer Report    
Sample Comprehensive Business Review